Orchids through Darwin’s Eyes

Lots of Darwin notice these days in honor of the 200 year anniversary of his birth.
Visited and enjoyed the current Smithsonian exhibit, Orchids through Darwin's Eyes which is full of thousands of live orchids. The plants are exhibited with information about how Darwin and thinkers since him use orchids to help investigate theories of natural selection and evolution.
A recent New York Times article, and op-ed piece,
examine Darwin’s life and work and just how right he was about so many different things.
Darwin’s studies also offer fundamental building blocks to one of my favorite books, Michael Pollan’s, The Botany of Desire as well as new theories such as evo-devo. I find all of it difficult to understand but intriguing and clearly related to my everyday practices….I have some reading to do, starting with…
The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin and Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Sean B. Carroll