(Grosjean Freres) Torette Valle d’Aoste 2007, Grape– Petite Rouge

Tom the importer who helps us pair wines with each Home Restaurant menu recommended this Torette, a DOC (DOC is an Italian classification like AOC is in France) to serve with Home Cured Bresaola at our dinner last weekend.  I was completely unaware of this wine and of the region– after tasting I needed to know more.

Torette comes from is a tiny area in northwest Italy bordering France and Switzerland.  Petite Rouge the grape used to make this wine is one of a few varietals unique to this region.  I found a reference that described this wine as– delicate and harmonious with juicy red and dark fruit characteristics...

Freres Grosjean the producer runs a small family vineyard.  Tom told me they are producing other unique and delicious wines– I look forward to tasting more.