CSA, First Share of the Season

CSA-Community Sustainable Agriculture…not a sexy name but provides pleasure--

You buy a share on a farm and regularly receive a portion of what is grown each week during the growing season. You help a small farm by insuring financial support for a season and you enjoy the benefits of what is produced. A connection is made between the growers and members. You become invested in how things grow…the story of deer eating all the kohlrabi hits close to home since you go home with no kohlrabi and the person who planted the kohlrabi is the one telling you the story…

This first week the share was small- a little bit of a few different types of greens, some green garlic, a pint of the most delicious strawberries, a basil plant and two tomato plants. Certain times during the season there are unlimited amounts of specific vegetables available. In both instances my excitement is immense.

I like the uncertainty of the share. Last summer was dry and the eggplant did very well at both the CSA and in my own garden. Luckily we love eggplant and we ate it for most meals, shared it with friends and got creative so as not to get bored by eating the same dishes day after day. I recently finished off the hot sauce that I made last September from an abundance of hot peppers.

I look forward to both the bounty and surprises that "my" farm will offer up this season.

To find out more information about CSA's and where to find one near you go to CSA .

My CSA is Clagett Farm.