puff ball

On a run in Rock Creek Park (DC) yesterday morning before heading out of town for the night I found this pristine puff ball mushroom!
While we had Rupperts Restaurant we were fortunate to work with several wild mushroom hunters who were incredibly knowledgeable. I learned a bit about varieties of local wild mushrooms. I often see mushrooms that I cannot identify and therefore cannot eat....since eating the wrong type of mushroom can be deadly...
There are a few types that I am confident identifying, one of these is a puff ball. It is quite amazing seeing this huge white non organic looking ball growing in the middle of the forest.
The discovery made me giddy but even more exciting was sharing some of the freshly found mushroom with several enthusiastic friends. I hope that my next big mushroom find will fall on a day when I have a free evening to invite a bunch of friends to dinner.
Before leaving town we only had time for a quick salad with greens from our garden and roasted puff ball.
Tomorrows menu will probably be something like this...
breakfast- roasted puff ball with scrambled tofu
lunch- puff ball, lettuce and tomato sandwich
dinner- puff ball ravioli
We have invited a few people to stop by and enjoy mushroom with us.