the Obamas at Alvin Ailey

Went to the Kennedy Center last night to see Alvin Ailey. They perform at the Kennedy Center every year around this time and in New York around Christmas and most years we catch a performance in DC or NY. When we got a couple of miles from the Kennedy Center last night the traffic was heavy and there were huge amounts of police cars. Inside the Kennedy Center there were metal detectors, dogs, secret service, police and lots of excitement.
We walked into the opera house and everyone was facing away from the stage looking up to the first balcony which was empty except for the presidential seal….
When Barack, Michelle (wearing black leather, looking amazing) and the girls walked in everyone stood facing the balcony and gave them a standing, screaming, clapping ovation. Looking around I saw that others besides me had tears in their eyes.
The atmosphere throughout the performance was charged. The dancers were extraordinary but the presence of the first family took it to a whole other level. There were two intermissions and after each there was lots of cheering when Obama returned to his seat. In the box with him and his family were Attorney General, Eric Holder and DC mayor Adrian Fenty. The performance ended with a famous Ailey piece called Revelations. After the dancers took their bows and Judith Jamison took a bow and did a memorable hand movement, the audience was still going crazy. They danced and encore with everyone (including the president) on their feet clapping the entire time. After the encore the company stood in a line bowed, clapped, threw kisses and clasped their hands to their hearts to the Obamas.
The night was memorable. Not sure what all this means…. The expectations that each of us have for the new president are intense. I feel fortunate he is in office…and excited he is a DC resident!!