Lilac is easy to love in bloom. The rest of the year the bush is not much to look at. However in my mind that couple of weeks of blooms makes a hidden lilac bush a essential part of any garden.
In my garden and in others that I design I have hidden bushes so you do not need to look at them year round but can enjoy the blossoms. My lilac is literally on the side of the house where I keep empty pots and garden tools. However when it is in bloom I can see the blooms through my dining room window and of I cut them and bring them inside to enjoy their beauty and fragrance. In a garden I just completed I placed one in an inconspicuous spot on the side of a front porch, the actual bush is hidden but the blooms and fragrance will both be enjoyed walking in and out of the house and while sitting on the porch during that brief period in spring each year when it is in bloom.

I like all lilacs but am particularly fond on white lilacs. I have had success with the Madame Lemoine variety in the Washington DC area.