Food Inc.

Last night I went to the premiere of Food Inc.
The movie, narrated primarily by Michael Pollan and Eric Scholsser, examines our food system. Much of the information is familiar. Regardless, the many anecdotes throughout the film were eye opening. I was particularly moved by a glimpse into the abusive labor practices of large food manufacturers, the intense power of Monsanto and a mother who lost her 2 year old on to e-coli. The film concludes by requesting that we all cast our vote for wholesome foods by buying wholesome foods. The premise being that if we use our dollars to select products that are produced with environmentally conscious methods the food industry will respond by providing more of these foods.
I sometimes get confused about this type of information that will be primarily shared with people who have already been exposed to much of the information. The challenge is to get this information out to people that are not familiar with it.
I highly suggest this movie. It will be released in mid-June.