Joyful Wedding Flowers

The wedding I did for this weekend was a joy. The bride had a unique love for non traditional color combinations, funky vases and was open to whatever local flowers were available. The wedding was held in an old historical house and we placed lots of little beautiful and mismatched vases, brimming with local colorful flowers, on bookshelves, ledges and basically anywhere that could hold a vase. The brides bouquet was primarily white but there was some yellow incorporated into it because that is a color she has an affinity to. The bridesmaid dresses were a neutral graphite color and I was encouraged to use any colors I wanted for their bouquets. The flowers cooperated and this was the first week that I was able to get coral and deep red peonies, mock orange, snapdragons, ammi, spirea and garden roses. These and many other flowers were incorporated in the joyful arrangements. The photo is of my work table but I will post photos from the event when I get them back from the photographer.