Wild Alaskan White King Salmon

Navigating the waters as it pertains to seafood is tough. Healthy not sustainable, sustainable not healthy, blah, blah, blah... how about just good! Fortunately we work with Prime Seafood who is dedicated to selling only sustainable and healthy seafood....We are working on a menu for an upcoming catering party in which we want to create A. a cold main course and B. a seafood dish. To serve an elegant salad as a main course is something we use to do at our restaurant Rupperts. However to do this we need a pristine piece of protein, there is no masking with temperature or sauces in a cold or room temperature dish (most cold dishes should be called not hot dishes because flavor thrives at room temperature). Spring is the time of year to serve wild Alaskan Salmon because they migrate to fresh water where they can be caught. This Salmon is not local but unlike most local mid-Atlantic fish it comes from a healthy and robust population and is not over fished. We found 'white king salmon' and we are so exited about serving this rarity with peas and morels... No one is sure exactly why these fish are white but they are much more delicate and the flavors are perfect for our dish... Spring is the time when we can all enjoy eating salmon but make sure you are getting WILD Alaskan Salmon!