Last Night

Last night 11 people ate dinner in our home... Old friends introducing New–Some who have eaten our food for years although we have never personally met AND some New Friends who are leaving for big adventures AND some who are staying right here...

This time of year all produce comes from either our garden or local farms. Beef and beautiful Poussins are delivered by Bev of Eco Friendly Farms. We get a whole lot of help from Tom of Potomac Selections in the wine pairings–The Tissot Cremant du Jura Indigene NV for the final courses was a DC premiere–Delicious, enhancing the sweet courses. Music was a mix of Prince and David Bowie that highlighted their similarities as well as their Rock and Roll singularities, pairings like “Kooks” by Bowie next to “Starfish and Coffee” by Prince–Happy to find Minnesotans in our group appreciate a Purple Ziggy mix. Enthusiasm is contagious…Thank You!


Home Ground Mini Burger with Bread and Butter Pickle and Rhubarb Ketchup on Sesame Buns (Veggie Burgers for the two vegetarian guests)
Basil Yukon Gold Mashed Potato
Wild Alaskan Salmon Roe on Zucchini Fritter with Chives

Lavender Martini
Chateau de Roquefort, Cotes de Provence Rose Corail 2008


Beet Soup with Poached Path Valley Egg with Horseradish Greens
Poppy Seed Onion Bread

Gilles Fevre Chablis 1er Fourchaume-Vaulorent 2006

Summer Salad with Cornbread

Domaine Du Carrou, Sancerre

Poussin with Leeks, Fennel, Chard, Wild Chantarelle Mushrooms and Black Barley (Royal Trumpet Mushrooms with Walnut in lieu of the Poussin for the Vegetarians)
Salted Baguette

Tissot Arbois Poulsard Sans Soufre 2005

Tome de Couserans with Nut Cracker and Arugula Sprouts

Raspberries with Shaved Maccha Ice

Tissot Cremant du Jura Indigene NV

Frozen White Peach with Chocolate Torte and Chocolate Torte

Cornmeal Rosemary Cookies, Chocolate Mint Rosemary Drops, Tiny Lavender Cakes

Photos by Jacqulyn Maisonneuve from a few Home Restaurants ago...