MFK Fischer

When we had Rupperts we read MFK Fischer lots, everything we could find, and then re-read it. For several years I have read none. Recently returning to these familiar essays with new perspective they are still precious and unique. Last night I was re-captivated by one entitled, "When a Man Is Small". It is directly on target with my current thoughts about eating, nutrition and pleasure. Although I had consciously forgotten the contents I can't help but wonder if this particular essay influences my current practice and that I have subconsciously been considering it since my original reading years ago.

MFK Fischer discusses how our relationship with food both intellectually and physically changes as we age. She refers to La Rochefoucauld's aphorism: "To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." Fischer talks about the mindless sensuality of over eating and references Epicurus: "the intelligent enjoyment of the pleasures of the table."

I recommend anyone interested in the art of eating to read "The Art of Eating".