Fig Chutney

Today was busy after being out of town for the day yesterday. In addition to a few wedding meetings, a garden that we worked on and lots of back and forth phone calls and emails about a variety of projects there were two days worth of figs to pick. Today that meant lots of figs, John, Martin-Lane and I were all on ladders collecting the ripe fruit. We have been eating figs, made a large batch of fig compote, sharing figs and this evening we all made a batch of fig chutney.
We are enjoying this years large harvest more than ever.

Todays Fig Chutney

Brown Turkey and Celeste Figs, stems cut off and cut in half
Onions sliced
Fresh Ginger grated (lots of it)
Red wine vinegar
Pinch of Clove
Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

Slowly cook over a low heat stirring regularly until the mixture is thick. Adjust the seasonings. Serve hot or cold as a condiment to vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, poultry...

I just put nearly 8 quarts on fig chutney away!