raw sesame salad

One of my favorite quick meals is raw vegetables dressed with sesame. I could eat this everyday. It is especially good with cauliflower and white mushrooms...It is one of those marriages made in heaven. The crunchy-ness of the cauliflower is complemented by the creaminess of the sesame and the texture of the mushrooms. This afternoon returning home hungry after a busy morning I was happy to find both of these vegetables in my refrigerator left over from some recipe testing.

Sesame Dressing

Raw Sesame Paste
Rice Wine Vinegar

I mix these ingredients in a bowl until smooth adjusting the consistency and flavor until I get it right. Often I add a little bit of minced hot peppers.

For lunch today my salad consisted of cauliflower, mushrooms, chard and tomato picked from our garden and a generous amount of sesame dressing.

The protein from the sesame provides fuel as well as satisfaction. Sesame is a good source of minerals and vitamins including a significant amount of calcium.