Jacqulyn Maisonneuve

Jacqulyn Maisonneuve is at the Corcoran School of Art working on her senior thesis in Photo Journalism. We asked her to share words about her project:

For Sidra Forman and John Cochran and their daughter, Martin-Lane, deciding what’s for dinner goes beyond the refrigerator. The foods they eat and their practice encompass a way of life. It’s not only about eating healthy food, but also knowing where food comes from and trying to live more sustainably.

After running Rupperts Restaurant for eight years Sidra and John decided it was time to have their own restaurant in their home in Washington, D.C. Several times a month, they open their home to friends and clients for dinners. What makes Sidra & John’s restaurant unique is the care that goes into each and every meal. The menu is prepared weeks in advance with many of the ingredients found just outside their door.

Sidra and John’s commitment to healthy living extends beyond their family and business and into the community. Though not fearful about our food system and it’s current state, they understand the problems and are working toward solutions. They are passionate about reaching out to others, especially children, through local schools, neighborhood gardens and community composting centers. They share their knowledge of where food comes from and the importance of nutrition. They hope to offer people alternative ways to think of production and consumption in our industrialized food system. They are living on their own terms without dropping out of society. This is what is radical about them.