blue weeds

I did lots of flowers last week. I got beautiful flowers from Holland, Virginia and others from South America...But I am enthralled with the porcelain berries that are growing wild in the yard of the abandoned house next door and coming over the fence into our yard. I incorporated these berries into two large arrangements that a couple stood between while they got married on Sunday, I sent some in a low arrangement to a friend of a friend who is in the hospital and I am using some in centerpieces for a dinner that I am cooking on Wednesday evening...

A little internet research revealed that the porcelain berry is considered an invasive plant. There is documentation about how it has overtaken yards, open spaces and killed other plants. I am pretty certain that will not happen in our little eco system over here because we will use as much of it as we can cut in flower arrangements.

These berries make me examine the classification of weed vs flower...I must admit that this is not my first time picking weeds to use as decor or food. During the first few years that we had Rupperts Restaurant an abandoned lot/parking lot (this is where the convention center now stands) was across the street. In that parking lot the most beautiful purpley blue flowers grew and often we would try cutting them and putting them in vases for the restaurant, however they did not like being cut and always wilted and died before dinner. I have had more success with edible weeds and love to eat both pursalane and chickweed. In fact I have been known to purchase bags of both of these "weeds" for salads.

Another thing that attracts me to these blue berries that I found in my yard is the color. Blue flowers are hard to come by and are a great compliment to so many other colors. There are blue hydrangeas and occasionally a blue forget me not or muscari. Just this week we saw a news story about a new blue rose, to me it looked more purple than blue! Although blue flowers are hard to find I have many requests for them for brides who want to use blue. Usually we use blue hydrangeas or incorporate a blue linen or vase. If this weed was around all the time I would certainly use it lots. I will enjoy it while it is here!