We got our first truffles of the season today through Oregon Mushrooms who we have dealt with over the last couple of years. Truffles are one of the few legendary flavors in my mind that actually live up to the hype. I spoke with Tim on Monday about what types of truffles would be available this week since the season has just begun. He knew that he would have Italian White Alba and Burgundy truffles. On Wednesday Tim called saying that the Oregon truffles were not quite ready for harvest, they would need another few days and that he would have French black truffles in a couple of weeks. We ordered Burgundy truffles which we received this morning.

Alba White Truffles are the most flavorful of all truffles and also by far the most expensive. We use these shaved fresh over mashed potatoes or cauliflower puree, the warmth from the food sets off the sharp muskiness of the truffles. French Black Perigord truffles and Italian Burgundy truffles are slightly less intense than Alba truffles but are each unique and deeply aromatic. Tomorrow at our Home Lunch we are going to put thin slices of Burgundy truffles under the skin of Eco Friendly Foods chicken and then finish them off with fresh slices on top.

We look forward to getting the Black Oregon truffles soon. They have a vaguely chocolaty taste and are much less expensive than the imported truffles. This allows for experimentation and generous shavings on a variety of foods. Oregon Black truffles are also great in desserts, especially custards and ice cream.

We will incorporate all types of truffles into our menus throughout the winter.