March Events at 1508

We have a few upcoming events this month…
This Thursday, March 4th we are having an Open House, Abby Greenawalt's photos of a Beef Harvest at Eco Friendly Foods will be on display. Please join us for some food, wine and discussion…
Thursday March 4, 7:00 – 9:00, 1508 6th Street, NW

March Home Restaurant Dates are Saturday March 13 and Saturday March 27

We continue to get excellent produce from Path Valley Cooperative including lots of greens like pea shoots, red rib dandelion, red kale…a large variety of beets and carrots, celeriac, parsnips, black salsify…Local Rockfish is still available through the end of March… we are looking forward to some early spring lamb, John has been making smoked chicken broth on the wood burning grillery with chickens from Eco Friendly Foods, we recently discovered an amazing American Cheese that is only available now through early spring called Winnimere from Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont…

For those of you who have not joined us before:
We start with passing food and cocktails and then move to the dinner table for several courses with wines picked for each. Tom a wine importer with an incredible cellar helps us pick wines to go with each individual course to complement the food.

Please share this email with any potentially interested diners. You can also choose a night of your own (other than the ones mentioned above) if you have a group of 10 or more. We can seat 20 for a seated dinner and can accommodate more for a non seated event.

Please advise if you have any food restrictions, vegetarians are more than welcome!

We rely heavily on farmers, a wine importer and other purveyors that we have worked with for years to source ingredients. This time of year we supplement our supplies with some herbs from our winter garden and micro greens we are growing inside. We are committed to using best food practices.