September 15, Shop at Whole Foods to Benefit Walker Jones

Over the last several months we have been working intensely on a farm on the corner of New Jersey and K Streets, NW.  The Farm is on the campus of the DC Public School Walker Jones.  It is for the school and the surrounding community.  About 2 months ago the nearly 3/4 acre plot was a grassy field.  On July 16 we began tilling and since then we have grown hundreds of pounds of food which we have shared with students and their families, made into school snacks, given to neighbors and donated to DC Central Kitchen.  We have gotten this far with no money exchanged, just help from volunteers and generous donations of seeds and other supplies. Next Wednesday September 15 Whole Foods is going to donate 5% of their sales from the P Street, Georgetown and Tenley Stores to benefit the Farm at Walker Jones.  This money will be a great boost and help us to further develop the emerging farm.  All shopping at Whole Foods next Wednesday will be greatly appreciated!!