This time of year one my many favorite fruits, muscadine grapes as well as the variety of muscadines called scuppernongs are available.  On ocassion  I find them at farmers markets but they are more commonly at the grocery store since the majority are grown in Georgia and Florida.  The taste is more intense than most grapes and they have a thick skin with very juicy fruit. I prefer grapes with seeds, which the muscadine have, and recently I have had a hard time finding seeded grapes of any variety.   It does seem strange that with all of the information we now have about the health of eating grape seeds and their antioxidant qualities that they are becoming increasingly scarce.  It is easy to find grape seed extracts...but what if you want seeds with your grapes?

Another bonus with the muscadine is they are high in resveratol, another popular antioxidant of the moment.