Happy Thanksgiving, Thai X-ing

It has been a fall full of Home Restaurants, large floral events and a bunch of other cooking and food growing projects.  A couple weeks ago we started discussing Thanksgiving plans and Martin-Lane said she wished we could have Asian food.  For months now we have been meaning to go eat at Thai X-ing which is a small restaurant just blocks from our house.  I called to see if they would be open on Thanksgiving and when they said they would be I immediately ordered carry-out for Thanksgiving night.

OK, there was some Thanksgiving cooking that went on here at 1508– I taught a Vegan Thanksgiving Class at the house a couple weeks ago and had a chance to cook and eat stuffing, cranberries two ways, sweet potatoes...  John cooked a Fall Festival Feast with four Pre-K classes and their families at Walker Jones Educational Campus last week which included turkey, stuffing...

Today there was no time spent cooking, I went for a three hour walk/run.  This afternoon we all went to a movie before picking up the carry-out.  The food was delicious, thoughtfully prepared with subtle flavors, herbs and spices– something special.  As a nod to Thanksgiving there was pumpkin coconut curry and pumpkin in the sticky rice dessert as well.  Happy to have tried the new neighborhood restaurant, we will return shortly.  Happy to have taken a day of rest and a break from tradition.  Happy Thanksgiving!