Spiced Popcorn

We eat a lot of popcorn at 1508– our usual method of preparation is air popping and then dressing with really good olive oil and sea salt.  Sometimes for variety we add black pepper, nutritional yeast or other condiments. Martin-Lane recently made a new spiced version that uses one of the few herbs that is good in our garden throughout the winter– bay leaf.

To prepare:

With a mortar and pesal crush fennel seeds, anise seeds and whole cloves, add cayenne and tumeric to taste.  Heat a heavy bottom skillet over medium heat and add a drop of grapeseed oil, sautee fresh bay leaves until they just start to blister, add a large pinch of sugar and a large pinch of sea salt, remove from the heat.  Air pop good quality popcorn, we used a red kernel variety from Path Valley Cooperative.  Lightly dress popcorn with olive oil and add spice mixture to taste.  Crush bay leaves and add to popcorn.  Adjust salt and pepper to taste and serve.