NYC Flower District

I regularly travel to New York and have often wandered through the flower district.  In DC I have great sources that range from local farms, my own back yard, Dutch Auction flowers delivered to my door in under 48 hours, several good local wholesalers that source from all over the world...However we do not have a street to roam where there is one flower source after another for blocks.  I have explored the NYC flower district in the past but never found my go to shop.

Last weekend we were in the lower east side and we went into a favorite shop Earnest Sewn that has a small flower shop in the back, The Flower Girl, that I have admired for years.  As always the flowers were carefully chosen and to my liking.  I inquired which were their favorite wholesalers.  She pointed me in the direction of G Page and a new all rose shop called Harvest.  Monday morning we went visiting.  Truthfully except for some incredible kangaroo paws from Israel everything I saw is available to me in DC but none the less it was great checking out these two shops and seeing flowers I am familiar with in a new space with fresh eyes.

The amazing resources to me are the endless supplies available, vases, crates, mosses, sticks...again I can get my hands on all of this stuff but much of it requires online ordering and then waiting for the mail or fed ex to come.  I would welcome the opportunity to be able to stroll through Jamali Garden or other supply stores when in search of containers and go home with them in tow.

Thanks to The Flower Girl for the heads up on her favorite floral suppliers!