Early Spring Planting

It is early but at the end of last week the soil was not frozen and I saw that rain was on the way–  we took the opportunity to clean up, turn over the annual beds in our garden, amend the soil with rich castings from our worm home and plant!  Now I am anxiously awaiting the first sprouts.

We are lucky that our walled city garden is fairly protected but regardless we chose plantings that would not mind another freeze or two if that happens.

In three large planters we planted magenta spreen, a green new to me last year that is beautiful– bright green with a magenta center and a flavor similar to lamb's quarters.  In the beds we planted snow peas, arugula and red oak leaf lettuce.

We are announcing an open Home Restaurant for April 1st and I am hoping the first baby lettuce of the season will be ready for picking.  In the meantime I will be ordering seeds and plotting the planting schedule for the season.