Sunday Farmers Market just outside of Santa Cruz California

A generous friend lent us his beach house in Watsonville California, just south of Santa Cruz at the end of July.  From there we took a day trip to go visit the Redwoods and on our way took a little detour to the Live Oak/Eastside Farmers Market.  For east coasters it is always astounding to see at a producers only market– avocados, almonds, oranges and artichokes (I know someone is growing artichokes outside of DC but these were different!) alongside the summer bounty of fruit and vegetables we grow in our back yard in DC.  We bought lots of ingredients to cook for dinner.

The bonus at the market was the prepared food.  There were outstanding tacos and tamales made with all local ingredients from Garcia Family Mexican Kitchen and vegan Crepes from Delicious Crepes.  We headed off to see the awe inspiring trees happy and full!