Home Dinners...at other peoples homes

Home Restaurants are where we feed most people these days...It continues to be a pleasure welcoming people to our home, sharing our favorite foods and wines and creating an in between place to dine and visit.

In December a few people who eat at 1508 often and who I have cooked for and done flowers for over the years asked if we would be willing to do small Sunday night dinners at their homes.  Fully understanding how much pleasure this brings me, I said "of course"!

One of the dinners–


Guinea Hen Confit, Kohlrabi, Thyme

Jowl Bacon, Egg, Toast, Chive

Scallop, Sorrel, Pickled Beet


Baby Mizuna, Baby Arugula, Chestnuts, Parsnips, Pomegranate, Banyuls Vinaigrette– 48 Hour Farm Bread

Beef Short Ribs, Tiny Potatoes, Celery Root, Turnip, Carrot, Shallots, Young Kale– Sorghum Wheat Berry Bread

Appalachian Cheese, Walnut Cracker

Soft Gingerbread, Pear, Chocolate Sauce, Whip Cream, Cocoa Nibs

Tiny Cookies: Pistachio Coconut, Salty Rosemary Walnut, Chocolate Mint