California White Sturgeon Caviar with Salsify

We recently started getting caviar from California... initially we were skeptical since traditionally the only caviar we served was from wild sturgeon of the Caspian or Black Seas.  However wild sturgeon, once plentiful in many places in the world are now threatened by overfishing, loss of habitat and pollution.  In fact, the sturgeon of the Caspian Sea are nearly extinct.  In response sturgeon are now farmed raised in many parts of the world, some farms are sustainable and others are not.  The California caviar from the Sacramento area we are getting is said to come from a perfected sustainable aquaculture environment.  The taste and texture are of this Osetra-like caviar is phenomenal.  We served the caviar with a long time favorite pairing of ours, roasted salsify.  In the past we have topped it with creme fraiche but this time with fermented grains and wild chives from our neighbors front yard.