Untitled Since the beginning of the year I have spent a lot of time editing recipes and working on a variety of nutrition/cook book projects. I am struck by how important the concept of snacking has become. The billion dollar industry of already prepared snack foods has definitely changed the what, where and when of eating. So much so that in writing recipes the category of snacks is included…Snacking has been naturalized… what I am trying to do is rethink snacking… abstinence is not a helpful concept at this point.

As a chef working in a professional kitchen snacking tends to happen easily throughout the day–– picking at mis en place and tasting different foods that you are preparing. This basically amounts to consuming beans, grains, lentils, and raw vegetables as vehicles to test dressings and sauces.

I have been trying to develop some snack recipes that are based on how chefs snack. These snacks are vegetable heavy and usually made of leftovers.  It seems that snacks should be a thoughtful extension of what you are already eating not an innutritious exception.


Raw nuts and seeds.

Any raw vegetable, on days I am cooking that dictates the variety.  On days that I am not cooking, any raw vegetable I can find in my refrigerator... romaine heads dipped in balsamic are a favorite!

Celery dipped in a mixture of tahini, water, cider vinegar, a tiny drop of honey and salt.

Fruit, right now the citrus is fabulous... my favorite this week are sumo oranges, a relatively new variety that is a cross between a mandarin and a navel orange.

Roasted Lentils and Thyme–– spray already cooked lentils with an olive oil mister, add chopped herbs, salt, pepper and cook in a 375 degree oven this the edges are crispy.  This also works great with all varieties of beans.