La Cocotera, Barra de Santiago, El Salvador

IMG_1878 IMG_1984 IMG_2143 IMG_1548 IMG_1568 IMG_1574 We had the good fortune to celebrate the new year at La Cocotera in Barra de Santiago, El Salvador.  

The property is on a peninsula so you have access to the pacific ocean on one side and an estuary on the other.  Because of the orientation you can watch both the sunrise and sunset over the ocean...

small hotel with six waterfront rooms, the most gracious welcoming staff I have ever encountered, salt water pool, climbed a volcano, mangroves adjacent to the property where we saw all sorts of flora and fauna including an alligator, visited small towns where we saw coffee beans being picked/ furniture being built/ fabric being made, fabulous meals that incorporated local fish and produce but also vegan versions of some traditional El Salvadorian dishes that we would have otherwise missed out on, released baby sea turtles into the ocean…..

I look forward to the return visit.