Power Bar, Get the Sugar Protein Balance Correct

We are testing power bar recipes in preparation for a Sugar Class next week that I am giving with Davina Sandground.   The class is about exploring different types of sugar, the root of sugar cravings and how to combat them.  There is great information about the effects of eating sugar in the recently released book, Salt, Sugar, Fat. Davina analyzed available sugar research and based on that laid out some specific nutrition parameters–– very helpful!  Based on these parameters we are making recipes and meal suggestions.  We all know that many power bars available are no better than candy bars.  Davina shared with me a very easy formula for choosing your power bar–– make sure that the sugar value in grams is less than or equal to the protein value in grams.  The recipe in the photo below is still a work in progress but I think that we will be able to get a ratio of 3 grams of sugar to 6 grams of protein.  I will share the recipe once it is complete.