Garden Flowers/ Sugar Flowers





























I just got back a few photos from photographer Caroline Tran of a mid-April wedding at the Mandarin Oriental.  Impeccable planning by Ritzy Bee resulted in all sorts of fun floral details that I will share when I get the photos back...

In the meantime I am loving these two photos together of my flowers and sugar flowers created by the talented Maggie Austin.

Mid May Wedding Flowers









The northern hemisphere peony season is winding down (I can usually get southern hemisphere peonies starting in late November).  These photos from a mid-May wedding at Dahlgren Chapel and The Cosmos Club feature local peonies at their peak.  I was excited to work with the photographer Brian Tropiano for the first time, thanks for the photos.  And, thanks to Arney from Pineapple Productions for coordination.

My Flowers and Food, Here and There...

Fun to look back at one of my favorite weddings of last year on a recent Snippet & Ink Post– Ritzy Bee coordinated, Kate Headley photos–














Today Kate Headley posted photos from a recent bread making class at 1508.

Earlier this week Washington Bride and Groom blog featured a fall wedding coordinated by Amber Karson Events and photographs by Alexandra Friendly.

Cherry Blossoms Now!!

It is always difficult to predict the blooming of the cherry blossoms on the national mall, the current prediction for peak date is March 20th.  Florists have a little more leeway, we can force blooms early and get them from up north when the local ones are finished blooming.  This year blooms are coming early, more than 2 weeks earlier than last year. I used them earlier this week at an event at Rogue 24 and for an Architects photo shoot.  This coming weekend they will decorate a wedding at the Tabard Inn and another at Longview Gallery.  Because of the early heat, up and down the east coast I am concerned about availability for a couple of my mid-April brides–– luckily all sorts of other beautiful flowers will be available...enjoy them while they last!