Practical Application of Twitter

Twitter? I did not think anyone would be interested in what I am doing hourly or for that matter would take the time to read. However, after my third post of what I thought was a mundane picture of Sally Jackson’s goat cheese I received a tweet to keep them coming.

We started with the idea that diners could follow dinners we were specifically preparing for them. It also turns out that wedding parties can follow the production of their flowers. Hopefully we sprinkle in tips and information that others can use. I know I have made new connections that have led to an interview for an Indian publication.

Early this week someone I am cooking for emailed after a tweet of gorgeous eggplant: “Don’t kill me I am allergic to eggplant.” So I guess the practical application of Twitter, for us, is an interaction that rules out a lot of the guessing. When people who you are creating an aesthetic experience for get a glimpse of where you are going and what you are doing, both literally and figuratively, it is inevitable that you will receive feedback. However is it really feedback if the experience has not happened, maybe feedforward… I realize that we are not at the level of interest of Lance Armstrong or the importance of the Iranian situation but we do hope we encourage a few to eat healthy and maybe even plant a garden.