12:32 AM

We are sitting at the kitchen table, the last plates are being washed–a few sheet trays being put away, we congratulate one another for not breaking any glasses—Martin Lane is sound asleep after receiving applause for her efforts… Our bodies are exhausted but there is an exhilarating feeling of a past that can never be present and a future that will never exist… Washington can be a very difficult city to live and work and quite frankly for many a relentlessly thankless place to be–this weekend the Washington we experienced was contrary to the cynical DC we sometimes know… Two Wonderful nights of guests who seemed to be where they wanted to be and were open to letting us take care of them… thank you!

Jackie Maisonneuve is a Corcoran Shool of Art student working on her Senior Thesis in Photo-Journalism. Jackie spent the weekend shooting us working in our home/studio. Here are her efforts: