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Tonight we celebrated a Birthday with longtime Rupperts guests. We reconnected with our friend Todd Ramlow who worked many years with us on 7th street and is now lending a hand here. Derrick made amazing Basil Gimlets as Martin-Lane lapped up the Restaurant stories and at one point answered a question with, "Let me consult my co-workers"–this cracked her up!

We still have a few spots open for October 8th–it is a Thursday and we would love to have you!
email me: sidraforman@gmail.com

Birthday Dinner Menu Below:

October 3, 2009

Eggplant Soup with Basil
Yellow Cauliflower Puree
Honeycrisp Apple Sauce with Rosemary
Seared Sea Scallop on Carrot with Carrot and Ginger Relish
Whitmore Farms Egg Omlette with Sorrel
Eight Ball Squash Marinated in Lemon with Summer Savory
(Labbe) Abymes Savoe 2007

Wood Grilled Wild Oyster Mushroom in Green Tomato Broth with Green Tomato Fondant, Sage and Walnut Oil
(Villa da Filicaja) Chianti Superiore 2006

Sweet Potato and Yukon Gold Potato Dumplings with Turnips and Turnip Greens
(Olivier Morin) Chitry BLANC 2008

Eco Friendly Farms Poussin Braised in Red Wine with Shallots, Fall Squash and Barley Gratin, Roasted Calaloo
(Khalkhal) MinervoisPlaisir des Lys” 2007

Fig Sorbet with White Chocolate Brownie
(Chancelle/Bourdin) Cremant de Saumur NV

Roasted Red Pear with Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Almond Pudding, Roasted Almonds and Cocoa Nibs

Dessert Bites:
Oatmeal Ginger
Coconut Macaroon
Quinoa Cookie with Chia and Apple