Thursday Night

We still have a few spots available for Thursday October 8th’s Home Restaurant. The plan is to schedule a Thursday Home Restaurant every month. We have found that Thursday is a great night for people who are not in DC on the weekends and those with complicated weekend schedules.

The menu for Thursday is still evolving as we talk to farmers and gather ingredients over the next couple of days but we know it will include Honey Crisp Apples from Twin Springs Fruit Farm, Green Tomatoes from our garden here at 1508, Lamb Chops from Whitmore Farms, veal sweetbreads, diver sea scallops, turnips from our CSA Clagett Farm and with a little rain and some luck foraged wild mushrooms from Rock Creek Park…

The Home Restaurants are lots of fun. Each one has a unique personality. About half are for nights that we send out invites for, and accept reservations, and half are private parties where an individual or group chooses a date and reserves all the seats. On our last open night new connections were made and by the end of the evening all present were friends. The private dinners have been a mix of celebrations, nights out with friends and business. We already have a work holiday party booked for December.

This week we are doing our first breakfast meetings. We are looking forward to sharing some of our favorite morning foods including a quinoa granola and fig and ginger jam to go on warm sesame bread.

We also have our first lunch scheduled for early November. When we sent out our first Home Restaurant invitation we did not know exactly what to expect but it seems to be organically evolving and we welcome the diversity of events.