Timor Bodega

This morning we are having a breakfast at our home. I knew this meant we needed to find good local dairy. We do not use much dairy in our cooking and have great sources for the dairy we do use...Cheese, Cowgirl Creamery and Eggs, Whitmore Farms. But, breakfast begs for milk, cream, yogurt and butter. I knew there were a couple of places downtown that were selling great local products and I had been meaning to check them out for awhile. I called Timor Bodega which is in walking distance from our home. I had a quick talk with the owner who answered the phone and after he told me that he sold eggs from Polyface Farms and had just gotten 1/2 of a local angus cow delivered–I told him we would come right over. He told me he was happy to meet me but to call first because they did not open until 4:30.

We walked over and found Kim Wee and his Mother stocking a reach in refrigerator with a whole side of beef. We also found non-homogenized milk, skim milk, heavy cream and butter from Trickling Springs Creamery. We purchased Yogurt from Pequea Valley Farm. We did not need any beef but admired the cuts of beef that had just come in from Riders Backfield Farm. Mr. Wee gave us a liver, we look forward to cooking it, it is difficult to find local offal as many small operations can't process. His Mother warned us not to over cook the liver. John assured her that he was infamous for not over cooking meat...

In addition there was local produce, ecologically friendly cleaning products, Polyface Chickens, wines that came from the same place we get our wine, Potomac Selections....All in a corner store within walking distance from our home...this just makes sense!