Last Night, Abby's Photos of Eco Friendly Food Havest at 1508

At 1508 last night we exhibited 10 photos that Abby Greenawalt took of an Artisinal Beef Slaughter at Eco Friendly Foods. A diverse and engaged group attended.

This project is very meaningful to us. Through pollution and the use of antibiotics the present corporate factory farming system effects all of us whether or not we choose to eat meat. Lots of people are aware there is a problem but few offer solutions. Eco Friendly Foods is an exception. Their small slaughterhouse model could be duplicated to provide healthful and affordable meat in place of the present predominant factory farm. Bev of Eco Friendly Foods says that part of this model requires transparency of the process so consumers can know what they are ingesting. We were fortunate enough to witness the harvest first hand and our hope is that these photos can share what we witnessed.

We are committed to this sharing of information and discussion. We are fortunate that Bev is doing the work he is doing and we have access to the product of his labor.