Abby Greenawalt's Photos of Eco Friendly Foods Beef Harvest

These were the ten photos of Abby's that we displayed at 1508 on March 4th, 2010.

Bev Eggleston, of Eco Friendly Foods, encourages visitors. He claims one of the major problems, as it pertains to our food system, is lack of transparency. Bev maintains, “that if large slaughterhouse practices aren’t witnessed, then they sure shouldn’t be eaten”. We were privileged to observe a ‘slaughter day’, where six cows were harvested for food.

Photographer Abby Greenawalt traveled with us to document the process. We observed cows being killed for food, the artisan approach of hands on animals and the give and take of life in the production of food. Abby’s images stand in contrast to the usual slaughterhouse pictures that depict systematic factory food processing.