sowing the first outdoor seeds of the season

I did not plan to plant this week...but, the seductively beautiful weather and the promise of rain towards the end of the week caused a change in plans.

Monday we planted our first seeds of the season outside. We planted a bunch of greens including: Magenta Spreen, a few varieties of spinach, arugula, curly red mustard greens, endive and cress. We also put in a bunch of peas, snow peas and sugar snap peas.

Prior to planting we turned the cover crop that we planted in the fall back into the soil. We also amended the soil with our own compost and worm castings. We grow a lot in our small space and the soil needs to be fed to keep the plants growing.

Today we decided that we are going to give a significant amount of space to sorrel this year. Every year we grow more sorrel and we never have enough. But for now we have to pause for a moment, it will be a few weeks before we see sprouts and at least that long until we can plant additional seeds that require warmer night time temperatures to germinate.