Piano at 1508

A week ago we had a piano salon at 1508. The event organized itself somewhat by chance upon meeting a new friend who knew the pianist Sara Danesphour. Sara was looking for a small venue to perform in preparation for a larger concert. We set our front room up with rows of chairs, sent out an invitation and took the first 30 who responded. The audience ranged in age, the youngest being 5 years old. We all sat mesmerized as we listened to Sara...she is amazing. Certainly I had no idea that our piano could sound like that.

We prepared a simple buffet, with spring ingredients, and after the music all enjoyed dinner and conversation.

It was fun. Last month we did a photo opening with Abby Greenawalts images of an artisinal slaughter at Eco Friendly Foods. Recently a Home Restaurant guest told me that he would like to do a magic show at our house! Very much looking forward to that and whatever comes next!

The program from Last Sunday, April 4th:

Sonata no. 7 in D major, op.10 no. 3 Beethoven

Largo e mesto
Menuetto: Allegro
Rondo: Allegro

Variations on the name ABEGG Schumann

Concert Paraphrase of Rigoletto Liszt


Estampes Debussy

Soiree dans Grenade
Jardin sous la pluie

Variations on a theme by Corelli Rachmaninoff

Toccata Prokofiev