April Birthday Lunch

Birthday Cake mid-way through being frosted

We have been cooking a lot the last couple of weeks. It is exciting as each new spring ingredient shows up. Early in the week I got a call from Katie at Path Valley Cooperative telling me that she had the first few pounds of asparagus. She asked if she should save it for me...YES! The most tender sweet purple asparagus arrived.

Today was nomadic, not at 1508, a small birthday lunch. Perfect weather made it possible for them to eat in a small city garden. When we arrived grandchildren were decorating for their grandmothers surprise 75th birthday, spring flowers were blooming...

Buffet Birthday Lunch
April 11, 2010

Carrot Soup
Corncake and Avocado

Pacific Halibut with Spring Onions
Morels and Fiddle Head Ferns with Wilted Pea Shoots and Garlic Chives
Roasted Baby Red Ace Beets
Small Yellow Finn Potatoes with Sorrel
Hand Harvested Wild Rice with Wild Cress and Herbs
Purple Asparagus
Shaved French Breakfast Radish with Girasol and Sunflower Sprouts
Spelt Baguettes

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Buttercream Icing and Vanilla Ice Cream