Passing Dinner, September 10, 2010

Most of our Home Restaurants are seated dinners.  We have done cocktails, a couple buffets, some lunches and breakfasts but last Friday was different.  We can seat 20 (once we pushed it to 22) at one table and a couple times have sat an additional table of 10 in the library.  The party last Friday was to celebrate a birthday and as the guest list grew it became apparent that a seated dinner would not be logistically possible.  We decided to do a whole passed dinner, some finger food other courses on small plates.  Throughout the evening we served courses as guests mingled, some sat at tables and others enjoyed the garden.  The format was perfect for the exuberant group. This time of year much of the produce comes from DC, both from the garden at 1508 and The Farm at Walker Jones.  Additional produce was from Path Valley Cooperative, Eggs from Whitmore Farms, Beef and Bacon from Eco Friendly Foods.

Friday Night Menu

Chilled Spicy Banana Melon Soup

Black Barley Risotto with Parsley

Green Beans on Bacon with French Breakfast Radish

Hangar Steak with Grilled Red Onion

Squash Blossom Stuffed with Summer Squash and Walnuts

Scrambled Eggs with Sorrel

Cipolline in Balsamic

Roasted Eggplant, Okra, Fig and Shallot Wrapped in Collard Green

Tomato, Corn, Baby Lima Bean Salad in a Spelt Foccacia

Pacific Halibut with Basil Mashed Potato and Chard

Jasper Hill Farm Cloth Bound Cheddar on Walnut Cracker

Peach Ice Cream on a Corn Cake with Popcorn

Mini Chocolate Cake

Spicy Chocolate, Almond Cookies