This Weekends Wedding

Saturday my friend, colleague, client, Walker Jones Farm getting married. I often say that my favorite part about doing flowers for weddings is the collaboration.  To-Be-Weds usually come to me with ideas, we sort through them, narrow the vision and see how it will work seasonally, logistically and budget-wise. The event always incorporates these discussions with lots of additional input from event planners, caterers, the venue, friends, family...

I got involved in the planning of this wedding right after the engagement.  Venue changed from out in the country to in the city but the overall design of clean, simple, warm elegance is what we talked about months and months ago.  I cannot wait to see it all come together.

Some of the details I am excited about:

-Early anemone's, ranunculus and hyacinth from Holland are available and local white dinner plate dahlias...I look forward to seeing them all together.

-Both the ceremony and the reception are within walking distance from my home/studio.

-The bride is a designer and sourced a gorgeous piece of open weave material to use as the chuppah cover.  We bartered chuppah for the fabric.

-As a nod to Halloween we will have 3 pumpkins each weighing more than 150 pounds!

-The bouquet will include cotton balls from The Cotton Man in North Carolina.

-All of The Hive at 1511 is working on this one and I am particularly excited to see the surprise scrap metal sign and the photos after the fact by Kate Headley.

-For the rehersal dinner the decoration is small pumpkins on weathered copper trays, after the dinner Friday night the pumpkins are going to be donated to The Farm at Walker Jones, they will be available for kids from the neighborhood at the Farm on Saturday morning.

-For outside seating we are using bales of straw, this will also be reused as mulch at the Farm after the wedding.

-The bride wrote me an email last night saying she is STRESS FREE!!