A Fall Salad, Dinner November 6, 2010

Saturday night we had an enthusiastic group of diners from all over the country who came to relax and unwind after an intense work weekend.    The last few dinners we have made a version of a salad that incorporates many complex and diverse fall ingredients and flavors– this weekend we will make a similar salad with slightly different ingredients as some of the late summer early fall ingredients are no longer available– new just available ingredients will take their place. Saturdays Salad:

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce from The Farm at Walker Jones, roasted chestnuts from Toigo Orchards, blanched cardoons, raw marinated celery root, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted salsify and baby lima beans (the very last of the season) all from Path Valley Cooperative in Pennsylvania and Chanterelles from Oregon.  Each item was prepared and seasoned separately and the salad as a whole was dressed with Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Raw Coconut Vinegar an ingredient that we just recently discovered.

Saturday's Menu


Grilled Eco Friendly Foods Poussin on White Sweet Potato with Mustard

Romanesco Soup

Whitmore Farm Eggs with Burgundy Truffle

Eco Friendly Foods Hangar Steak on Carrot with Yogurt

Roasted Parsnip

Roasted Baby Beet

Lemon Verbena Vodka Martini

Chateau de Vaux, Vignoble Sainte Francoise Blanc 2007


Fall Salad

Goisot Bourgogne Cotes d'Auxerre Chardonnay, 2008

Pacific Halibut with Basil Mashed Potatoes, Baby Leeks and Turnip Greens

Pillot, Bourgogne Rouge, Les Grands Terres, 2007

Jasper Hill Farm Clothbound Cheddar on Walnut Cracker

Olive Oil Rosemary Cake with Roasted Honey Crisp Apples, Caramel Sauce, Creme Fraiche and Candied Pecans

Mini Chocolate Cakes with a Bite of Frozen Chocolate

Take Home

Warm Seeded Bread