A favorite dahlia heavy wedding, this time last year!

53bcbe0c93c98$!900x Loved this wedding!  The design direction was–– use the best available flowers which meant all sorts of glorious dahlias, garden roses and fall foliage.  Thanks to Karson Butler Events for coordination and Amelia Johnson for documenting! Check out the post on Style Me Pretty for lots of Amelia's photos.

The spectacular dahlias were from Andrea of Lynnvale Studios and Don of Don's Dahlias.  You guys make me adore the fall!

Last Dahlias of the Season

















Last Friday JT who works with me spent a few hours driving to pick up the last 25 stems of A la Mode Dahlias for the year.  Just one stem of these creamy beauties in a centerpiece makes a huge impact.  I judiciously spread the blooms between my two weddings last Saturday.  Lucky for me Kate Headley stopped by with her camera around the same time  JT returned with the flowers.  Check out  Kate's blog to see the rest of the images.

It has been an amazing dahlia season.  I have been fortunate to get my hands on hundreds of dinner plate dahlias (the really really big ones) from local growers Andrea of LynnVale Studios and Don of Don's Dahlias.  My remorse about the end of dahlia season should be somewhat relieved tomorrow when I get the first coral peonies of the season from Chile and white anemones with black centers from upstate New York.